Saturday, May 30, 2009

Science World

Science World is a science storybook series suitable for children aged 7- 12.

This series contains 6 books:

1. We Are Different…

Some animals look similar, but on closer examination, they are actually quite different.

By observing animals carefully, you can learn more about the features and behavior of animals. In that way you can recognize them easily and won’t be confused.

2.Our Body

Does it occur to you that we sometimes cannot control our body?

Have you ever felt the urge to ease yourself while playing a game, yawn during a lesson, break wind or have hiccups in public?

Do not worry, such actions are normal! You need to study about your body to know it better!

3.Aquatic Creatures

Do you know how deep and wide is the oceans?

The fish claims that the sea to be its world and so does the crab. The prawn also lives in the ocean and seahorse can not leave it. Seaweeds and corals are also residents of the ocean.

They are all from the oceans.

4.What If… We are always dissatisfied with ourselves and the environment. We tend to think, “What if…”.

We should appreciate what we have, and make proper use of it.

5.Dino World

How can we tell dinosaurs once existed in this world? What’s the proof?

Although dinosaurs had been extinct for millions of years, we are still able to learn about them based on their fossilized remains that were found all over the world.

6.Science Fiction Tales

Who is the king of jungle? The tiger or the fox? Why do all the animals run away when they see the fox?

The caterpillars in a basket suddenly disappear! My friends, do you know what will happen at the end? A crab tries to imitate its friend on the matter to get food but failed. What is wrong?

Do not miss these fantastic stories.


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