Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Popular Science

Popular Science is a science storybook series suitable for children aged 7- 12.

This series contains 4 books:

1.Health and The Body
This is a science comic on the structure of the human body.

The story relates on ways to take care of the body. If you neglect to take proper care of the body, it will send out signals to remind you in the form of sickness.

Highly recommended for those who seek to know about body health.

2.Nature and Wonders of the Universe
We are residents of Earth and Earth is part of the universe. Earth and the living things in it form a part of nature.

The Sun, Moon, Stars and wind, water, air are also parts of nature linking the universe to Earth. Can we live without them?

3.Love Our Environment
The Sky is blue, the land is green and the sea is covered in crystal clear water. This is planet Earth, our home.

Hold on, Earth is sick! She looks awful and there is a hole in the ozone. The air is polluted, and the oceans are contaminated.

Only the people can protect and conserve the Earth. Come on! Let’s start a mental revolution to love our environment and protect the Earth.

4.Young Scientists Laboratory
You don’t need expensive apparatus to have a science laboratory to carry out experiments.

Carry out experiments as through it is a game or a magic to perform with your friends. However, remember to carry out your experiments according to the instructions given!


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