Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Protect The Enviroment

Protect The Enviroment series raises the many issues that affect the enviroment.

The books in this series are reader friendly packed with beautifully illustrated animation and real photographs.

Protecting the enviroment is the responsibility of each and every individual on this planet.

Let's together save the only Earth that we have!


Protect The Enviroment 1
Let's Collect Trash
Contents included: Types of Rubbish, Waste Management, Weakness in Waste Management, Recycling Bins, We should...


Protect The Enviroment 2
Recycling Is Everybody's Responsibility

Contents included: Think Before You Throw, Plastic Objects Cause Problems, Beautiful And Transparent Glass, Can Aluminium Cans Be Recycled?


Protect The Enviroment 3
Kitchen Waste Useful Fertilizer

Contents included What Is Kitchen Waste?, Composting Domestic Waste, Leachate-Excellent Fertiliser, Kitchen Waste Can Be A Source of Energy, Used Oil Becomes Soap


Protect The Enviroment 4

There's Wealth In Discarded Computers

Contents included Using a Personal Computer, Troubleshooting Old Computers, How to Solve The Problem of Discarded Computers?

For more information and online order, please follow this link: http://www.leebook.com.my/details.asp?prod_code=9789810585037

You also can call 03-62526434 for order.

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