Thursday, July 1, 2010

DARLIE Bunny Kids Spot the Differences Contest

Spot the Differences Contest which is jointly organised by DARLIE Bunny Kids, Mingguan Didikan 3M, Mingguan Didikan Bergambar 3M, Mingguan Didikku Tahap 1 dan English Garden has just began.

Exciting prizes like laptop, Nintendo Wii Game Set and PSP game set to be won!

Write your answers in the contest form found in:

English Garden  13/10
Mingguan Didikan 3M  21/10 or 22/10
Mingguan Didikan Bergambar 3M  21/10 or 22/10
Mingguan Didikku Tahap 1  12/10

And send the contest form to our company.

* Photocopy of the contest form is not allowed.

* Closing date of the contest: 15 August 2010

* The winners will be announced in English Garden 03/2011

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