Monday, August 24, 2009

Science Magazines (Chinese Version), English Garden and English Reader invite you to watch (200 movie tickets to be given away)

G-Force Summary:

G-Force is a hilarious comedy adventure film suitable for everyone. It is about a group of guinea pigs trained to carry out a top secret mission for the US government. These tiny furry animals are equipped with their own special designed miniature spy equipment and unique tactics, ready to carry out their mission.

However, something unexpectedly happened. Their unit is suddenly shut down and their team is accidentally transported to a suburban pet store! These professional guinea pigs must overcome an even greater challenge, surviving as household pets.

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Get FREE tickets to watch the movie!

How to get the tickets:

1.This offer is open to LeeBook members only.

To register as a LeeBook new member, please click here.

2. Please provide the following information as stated below:


--Email address

--Contact (tel.) no.

--Postal address

***Name and email address should be the one you use to register as a LeeBook member.

Email the information to Don’t forget to write the subject/title of yours email as “Get free G-Force tickets

3. A reader who receives a coupon is eligible to exchange it for two tickets. (Only 200 tickets are available).


1. Every LeeBook member can participate once only.

2. Incomplete information and email without subject/title will not be entertained.

3. A reader who receives a ticket coupon has to be at the cinema 45 minutes before the start of the show to exchange for the tickets. Late-comers will not be entertained.

4. On the screening day, only the person with the ticket coupon and stamp* will be allowed to exchange for tickets.

*Any stamp on Science Magazine Chinese version《小天才》issue118《小伙伴》issue118《宝宝科学》issue93《数码神童》issue99, English Garden 16/09 and English Reader 16/09.

5. Ticket coupon CAN NOT be exchanged for cash.

6. On the screening day, only the person with a ticket will be allowed to enter the cinema. Tickets are NOT sold on the spot.

7. The organisers reserve the right to make any changes.

CLOSING DATE: 9th SEPT 2009 (Wednesday)


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  1. mana senarai nama pemenang yang masuk peraduan 'Daya Penglihatan' dan 'Hannah Montana'